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February - the month of love...Loving our kids - but trying to reconnect as hubby and wifey!

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There are 6 of us - Daddy - Tim, Mommy - Elisa, Keyfer 13 yrs, Matthew 3 yrs, Isabella (in heaven) 16mo, Justyce 1 month old and Gabriella (in our dreams still) 2 years coming(?)


Justice Michael

Hi everyone - I gotta get it off my chest - Bella's birthday was horrible - it was so hard just to get through it - Thanks to Tim's family for being there for us - don't know what we'd do without them or our friends who loved on us too. To hear more about all that you can go to her website by clicking on her picture over there...->
(When I get to that)

Things are emotionally weird - very sad and miss my baby girl but am so excited and planning for Baby Boy-We went yesterday and got his 4D sono done - they turned out so much better than Bella's - his were very clear. I loved how he kept his feet up by his head almost the whole time and how he was proudly showing Daddy his"package" :-) He's always kicking me as if to say he's ready to come out and play! I know Matti is excited for him too. When we went yesterday he said he wanted to take home his baby bubby and play cars and ramp with him!

So check out his pics over there in the slideshow....