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February - the month of love...Loving our kids - but trying to reconnect as hubby and wifey!

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There are 6 of us - Daddy - Tim, Mommy - Elisa, Keyfer 13 yrs, Matthew 3 yrs, Isabella (in heaven) 16mo, Justyce 1 month old and Gabriella (in our dreams still) 2 years coming(?)


My dream Christmas...

Enjoying Christmas presents...

The real Santa!:-)
Leaving cookies and broccolli for Santa and reindeer..
Reading the Christams Story

The Baby parade at church

I have waited 7 years for the Christmas that I had this year! Christmas Eve we made cookies for Santa, read the Christmas Story, tried keeping Matti in his room all night so Santa could come and enjoyed a early Christmas present from Justice of being able to sleep 6 straight hours! Then Christmas morning- in came Matti yelling Santa came! We all ran out opened presents and spent the day playing! Loved it! Justice is the sweetest baby! Matti is the funniest! And Isabella is the most beautiful! We are so blessed!Keyfer came over the day after and we had Christmas with my family - it was really nice, really enjoying my time with my hubby being at home- one of these days I'll get an actual pic of him break-dancing :-D  Love you and miss you so very much belli boo! Know you had the best christmas! You must be so beautiful now with a head full of curls - the cutest giggles and brightest smile! Hope you all had a great Christmas!


Oh yeah - just as a disclaimer - Tim is doing great now - even at night! Love that guy! :-)
Justice Michael Roberts

Justice Michael Roberts
One Day old

Daddy and 3rd son  - this one might actually be a "daddy's boy"

Justice Michael - one week old


Justice has Arrived!

Well he's here! Our Doc wanted to do a csection because according to his calculations Justice was 10lbs 6 oz so we went to the hospital August 29th at 3:00pm and he was born at 6:01pm (one minute away from 15 months to when Bella was born)When they took him out he opened his mouth and cried and opened his eyes and looked just like his Daddy! He has light eyes - so I'm  praying for his Daddy's green eyes! He was 8lbs 8 oz and 21 inches long! He is so beautiful! We were righ about his sono pics and how e looks like a male version of Bella - my joke is he's a white version of Bella - which looks just like Keyfer too! We are very proud of him he's such a sweet baby- just wants to be held and fed (of course) His nursing is going very well I'm so happily relived about that! Ok but lets talk about me for just a sec- Oh My Goodness- if I don't have that pain medicine I'm in pain! With my 1st(naturral) it was sore down there but it never made me cry to cough!!! I feel like such a baby - crying becAUSE I'M IN PAIN - ESPECIALLY WHEN TIM GOES -" OH God don't break down now! and promptly falls asleep snoring... he was very good support during the delivery but my goodness did I have to hear it that the first night I woke him up 3 times to change Baby's diaper (because my legs were still numb!) Everyone that saw us had to hear how Tim didn't get any sleep! Let me tell u he's been great on every level just not at night! He cherishes his sleep! :)I do love the guy! Matti is kinda keeping his distance        - not comfy with his world turned upside down!But he does talk to Jusice and tries to tickle him and says he loves him - very cute! :) And I think Keyfer is very proud of the fact that he looks like him - very cute too :)
Well more pics to come - after I et some sleep:) Love you Belli Boo and all you guys!


October Endings

This week was a busy one!  Thursday Doc decided to move up my induce date to Nov 30th - we'll see! After school we went to the pumpkin patch.
 Friday Matti had Missions day at school (Trinity Christian School) he had fun, and looked adorable as a little Mexican Boy! After school we carved pumpkins and got into our costumes - Matti a Boxer and Mommy a " Baby Momma" :) We went Trick or Treating with the Pratt Fam - It was Matti's first time - he loved it! We then went to Rock Da Pumpkin at Trinity Church - it was so much fun! The hay ride was the best one ever - there cowboys and Indians with a bonfire and TeePee - we'll have pics up soon!


Oct Craze..

Alrighty! I'm blogging again - sorry Alecia! :) Well we have our room ready for my baby boo - and they start next week on the nursery - check out the pics! I came up with the ideas and they came up with the sketches - it's perfect! As far as I'm concerned he can come out anytime - not because I dont love being pregnant - ut because they say he's already 6lbs and 8 oz!!!! Maybe they're off a pound or two?! He does look bigger than Bella did - 4 more weeks! ( Maybe) :-\ Well we have spent the month getting ready for baby boo - doing fun things with Matti (park-bowling- arcades - wrestling:) ) We went last saturday to the pumpkin patch - he loved it! No longer scared of pumpkins! This Friday he has Missions day at school - suppose to dress up like a little Mexican Boy - ideas? I have none! Then We'll go trick or treating and the to Rock the Pumpkin - he's going as a boxer or Buzz Lightyear.... probably won't know until we're walking out the door!
Got some family/maternity pics done (AO Photography) they're great!
Check out our pics
Love you all
Roberts Fam


Justice Michael

Hi everyone - I gotta get it off my chest - Bella's birthday was horrible - it was so hard just to get through it - Thanks to Tim's family for being there for us - don't know what we'd do without them or our friends who loved on us too. To hear more about all that you can go to her website by clicking on her picture over there...->
(When I get to that)

Things are emotionally weird - very sad and miss my baby girl but am so excited and planning for Baby Boy-We went yesterday and got his 4D sono done - they turned out so much better than Bella's - his were very clear. I loved how he kept his feet up by his head almost the whole time and how he was proudly showing Daddy his"package" :-) He's always kicking me as if to say he's ready to come out and play! I know Matti is excited for him too. When we went yesterday he said he wanted to take home his baby bubby and play cars and ramp with him!

So check out his pics over there in the slideshow....


August 08

Hey everyone! It's been a great month and we are already skipping on to the next one! It's amazing how fast time flies! This mmonth started with coming home from Belize - what an amazing experience - I think this was a great way to break me in on missions trips - the children were great being able to minister in their lives and help tha school - boy I was glad to get home! AC isn't overrated! :) Then the next day we left for  North Carolina for the Fine arts competition - that was great Trinity had an awesome showing - Keyfer's team - Gas Prices was the first JH team to ever make the the top ten in the nation! We were so proud of them!  All month we have been fighting Matti on potty training - He was doing so great - no accidents = so we went ahead and put him into  TRinity Christian School in PK3 - he loves it! Can't wait to get there in the mornings and doesn't want toleave in the afternoon! But I guess due to routine change he has had an accident both days he's been so we've been praying like crazy and gone back to bribing him:)
I know he'll get it soon! This week is a big week for us - we start a wednesday night class at church - it's a spiritual warfare/support group class for those who have lost a child. It's bee really heavy on our hearts since December to fight this spiritual battle - if Trinity can be a cancer free zone - can it be a premature death zone? Will I personally see a child raised from the dead? I believe it!!!! The other thing this week is that it's Isabella's 1 yr birthday - so we are going to celebrate it up north with Tim's family........ Then it's September!  The 6th is our 4D sonogram to Justice then the next weekend Tim is taking me to Vegas - the Mandalay Bay has a suite on top dedicated to a babymoon - yes a honeymoon for the pregnant couple = genius - I know Tim is scoring big bonus points even though we all know he has an itching to play some poker - that's ok cause the winnings always go towards shopping! :) Plus he won't be able to do this til next year!
Well - we'll keep u updated! Blessings to all and your prayers are much appreciated!!!
Love you all - The Roberts Fam


It's a BOY!

We went to the doctor today and found out it was a boy!  There is no question about it! He's so stinkin cute! I first heard the words and it took my breath away - then I wanted to cry( have no idea why!) then I laughed and felt a great peace wash over me. I wasn't completely overjoyed, but I didn't feel disappointed - just at peace with it!  I have been praying about it because I wasn't completely sold on either sex and I didn't want to feel any negative feelings about the lil guy - so now I'm happy. It'll be crazy with two little boys running around it'll be fun and busy - the way I like my life! Of course the next one( after a year or two!) will be a girl! The last one - the little princess of the bunch! Alright now I get to plan the nursery and accessories and scratch that itch to shop!!!:-) 
Well, thanks for enjoying the suspense with us - it was fun! Now we just need prayers for continued health for baby and Mommy that this will be a perfectly normal pregnancy without any bumps in the road!
Bless you guys and love you!
The Roberts x6 :-)


Boy? Girl?

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This was our family 2007, we are now in 2008 working with the new dynamics that have been thrown at us. I wanted those who want to have regular updates and pics of our fam to have one place to go. We'll have new pics and updates on everyone from Daddy down to baby ~ Hope you enjoy!