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February - the month of love...Loving our kids - but trying to reconnect as hubby and wifey!

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There are 6 of us - Daddy - Tim, Mommy - Elisa, Keyfer 13 yrs, Matthew 3 yrs, Isabella (in heaven) 16mo, Justyce 1 month old and Gabriella (in our dreams still) 2 years coming(?)


My memories~Bella..My dreams ~Justice

I have spent so much time wrapped up in my family and new baby - but not one day goes by still when I don't think about you and wish with every part of me that you were here! I still picture you toddling along after your bubby at the park or trying to mother your lil bubby and feed him his ba ba. I know you're in heaven playing among the angels...picking purple flowers....laughing..chasing butterflies and squealing in delight at the sight of Jesus! I just can't wait to see you and hold you close and breath in your sweet innocence - I promise you I will be the best mother possible to your bubbies and lil sissy in remembrance of you - Luv u - huggies and kissies - Mommy

The moon from our view~last night~
Adding to my portfolio - my love - photography!
Justice you're already 6 weeks old! I can't believe how much you've changed already! You've gotten great at holding your head up - no wobbling! You can focus your eyes wo ever going crossed eyed, yesterday you had a conversation with me with all your cooing and grunting - Your mommy is the most wonderful thing that you see - I love in the quiet moments in the morning how you smile and coo at me~ keeps me happy to be awake at 4 in the morning!:-) 

I love you -all of the personality and look forward to many more moments to capture in my memories!
I have so many dreams and desires for you - but most all just to be able to have the time with you....

The guys...

Hanging out with the guys!

Everyone is really enjoying the new addition! :-) 

More of Justice....

His first real bath....

Of course Matti is in his bday outfit!

Well to my one follower :-)... Here are pics of Justices- one month bday!