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February - the month of love...Loving our kids - but trying to reconnect as hubby and wifey!

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There are 6 of us - Daddy - Tim, Mommy - Elisa, Keyfer 13 yrs, Matthew 3 yrs, Isabella (in heaven) 16mo, Justyce 1 month old and Gabriella (in our dreams still) 2 years coming(?)


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Alrighty! I'm blogging again - sorry Alecia! :) Well we have our room ready for my baby boo - and they start next week on the nursery - check out the pics! I came up with the ideas and they came up with the sketches - it's perfect! As far as I'm concerned he can come out anytime - not because I dont love being pregnant - ut because they say he's already 6lbs and 8 oz!!!! Maybe they're off a pound or two?! He does look bigger than Bella did - 4 more weeks! ( Maybe) :-\ Well we have spent the month getting ready for baby boo - doing fun things with Matti (park-bowling- arcades - wrestling:) ) We went last saturday to the pumpkin patch - he loved it! No longer scared of pumpkins! This Friday he has Missions day at school - suppose to dress up like a little Mexican Boy - ideas? I have none! Then We'll go trick or treating and the to Rock the Pumpkin - he's going as a boxer or Buzz Lightyear.... probably won't know until we're walking out the door!
Got some family/maternity pics done (AO Photography) they're great!
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