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February - the month of love...Loving our kids - but trying to reconnect as hubby and wifey!

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Midlothian, TX
There are 6 of us - Daddy - Tim, Mommy - Elisa, Keyfer 13 yrs, Matthew 3 yrs, Isabella (in heaven) 16mo, Justyce 1 month old and Gabriella (in our dreams still) 2 years coming(?)



Happy Happy!Happy?!
Celebrating 2 months!Happy!!!
I love my kids so much how much better would it be with my lil Bella?! The joys of having a girl! Cant believe she's 17 months old already!!!! I miss her so much...love my boys!  Can't wait for GiGi! Well I can :-) If all goes as planned (hahahahaha) I'll get pregnant next summer - give me a year break and time to enjoy Justice as a baby before another baby comes along! Just joined Facebook cool to talk to people I haven't talked to in forever! Let me know how you're doing!

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